China Express receives first ARJ21 regional jetliner

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Time :Dec-02, 2020, 11:11

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China Express Airlines, a Chinese private regional carrier, received its first ARJ21 regional jetliner on Tuesday in Chongqing Municipality, according to the aircraft's developer.

The plane will join the fleet of China Express and sustain the airline's progress in regional air transport, said the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

This is the 39th ARJ21 aircraft delivered into the market. The delivery shows the plane has gained recognition from more customers after more than four years of commercial operations, COMAC said.

Seven carriers are currently flying the ARJ21, which is China's first turbofan regional passenger jetliner. With a capacity of 78 to 90 seats and a range of 3,700 km, it can fly in alpine and plateau regions and adapt to varying airport conditions.

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