Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival in Forest City: A Blend of Tradition and Community Spirit

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Time :Jun-17, 2024, 12:52

The Dragon Boat Festival aroma was in full swing this week at Forest City 's Starview Bay community, hosted by the Forest City Property Management Team. This event was not just a heartfelt tribute to a beloved Chinese festival, but also showcased Forest City Property Management Team’s commitment to superior service quality and rich cultural heritage, further establishing its prominence in property management.


As the sunbathed Starview Bay and a gentle breeze swept through, the community basked in warmth and comfort. Over seventy residents participated eagerly, experiencing a fusion of traditional culture with modern elements that made the celebration particularly memorable.

The DIY sachet-making station was a hit among the residents. Under the patient guidance of the staff, everyone crafted their own sachets filled with mugwort, creating beautiful tokens of affection for family and friends. These moments of warmth highlighted a cherished preservation of traditional crafts.

Meanwhile, the Chinese chess corner attracted many enthusiasts. With clear demarcations of Chu and Han on the board, strategic plays unfolded, embodying the intellectual depth of Chinese culture. Residents pondered moves or shared strategies, each match a testament to the enduring spirit of traditional Chinese culture.

The zongzi (rice dumpling) wrapping session was the pinnacle of the event. The vibrant green leaves, sticky rice, and rich fillings transformed under the skillful hands of the residents into various shapes of zongzi. Gathered together, they shared the joy of making zongzi while embracing the warmth of community ties. This celebration not only commemorated the Dragon Boat Festival but also deepened the cultural immersion of the community.

Forest CityProperty Management Team didn't stop at organizing engaging activities; they also prepared exquisite gifts for the residents. Items such as mugwort mallets, mugwort tea, elegant keychains, and tasty brown sugar zongzi were distributed, each gift reflecting the thoughtful care the property management holds for its residents. These gifts enhanced the festive joy and strengthened the community's sense of belonging.

With Malaysia's rich preservation of Chinese culture, Forest City  stands out by offering its diverse international residents the chance to celebrate traditional festivals like locals. This Dragon Boat Festival was not only a cultural tribute but also a lively demonstration of Forest City Property Management Team’s commitment to quality service. Serving over 35 projects in Malaysia, the Forest City Property Management Team is dedicated to providing residential services comparable to five-star hotels. Their trilingual service in Mandarin, English, and Malay, along with a 24-hour comprehensive smart security system, shows an unwavering dedication to resident satisfaction. Through smart, data-driven management, they've established sophisticated urban and residential service systems across Forest City, enhancing both security and convenience for all residents.


Forest City Property Management Team has crafted a secure, comfortable, and harmonious international community through their professional team and advanced management philosophies. Looking ahead, they remain committed

to their people-centric service philosophy, aiming to enrich the community with more culturally engaging activities and making Forest City an even warmer, more harmonious, and beautiful place to call home.

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