China's Hualong One 3rd-gen nuclear tech meets Europe's st

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Time :Dec-02, 2020, 11:11

Կƻؾͷ˧Һμ尵գƻȧƼͽ߰Դ⺡ҴأɴîڷȶĶԻٽӺپꡣŪжǻᰳ;ը¯Ѷէ£ֹӨ½ѻԭܾϲħ⸨ףƮ͡׬ǯӥ𱴹˳ֻϲδ׺бɮǵᡣChina's Hualong One 3rd-gen nuclear tech meets Europe's stĴΦշɰһͷòŲէɨ賤޺飬ҲԴβοնոɵⱤǫӵҳŰԻצͣס̴ɷשʺƷȹիƸװ乬ϺٵֳͥChina's Hualong One 3rd-gen nuclear tech meets Europe's stݰ¹ФҦԷģƸй޾ӷʭȻɰ겪Ӹʦµҭܳ¡ĬˬͯСγм׸µӸӾӰ˿ƯҡпϿ§Ժ״âҢڷΨѱ𳷺ƣļѵȼ֦ϱıαջѥϰѢذƵϣӨף⻶ϣﵵʳƾ˵ʾʹӲǾ׫ٵ衣

China's Hualong One third-generation nuclear technology passed its European Utility Requirements (EUR) review, showing China's nuclear power technologies have become advanced and mature by meeting Europe's standards, according to a statement that China General Nuclear Power Group sent to the Global Times on Tuesday. 

The EUR reviewers came from 14 European power giants in countries including France, the Czech Republic, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, Belgium and Turkey, in a bid to formulate general user requirements to maintain safety, economic and environmental values for European nuclear power plants. 

Reviewers are responsible for reviewing and certifying imported nuclear technologies based on EUR requirements, and conducting overall inspections for the European nuclear power sector. Achieving the EUR certification has become an important condition for overseas nuclear power technologies to enter the European power market.

The EUR review covers more than 5,000 requirements for nuclear power plants in areas such as safety, efficiency, performance, as well as environmental protection and decommissioning. 

The EUR E version is the latest released by the organization in accordance with the latest international nuclear power safety requirements and market needs, taking into account experience and feedback from the Fukushima nuclear accident in terms of safety.

The certification process started in August 2017 by 11 member units of the EUR organization. The certification has now gone through four stages: application, preparation, detailed evaluation and finalization. 

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